Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam?

Get Paid To Draw

Get Paid To Draw

Make Money









          • You could actually make a little pocket change
          • You can use your talents
          • It teaches you how to draw


          • It costs to get started
          • It’s not a career replacement
          • You have to find the sites

          Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam?

          man-505353_1280Earning money online is possible, but at one point I got tired of writing reviews and such.

          I love to draw and so it seemed natural for me to want to do something with my passion. This is when I found out I could get cash for drawing, so I looked into Get Paid to Draw, a deal that sounded intriguing.

          After all, if I could earn money from home, it would be a great way to supplement income and get out of some debt.

          In the end, I knew it wasn’t for me in the long run but it would be cool to make some side cash. I just never spent the time needed to go further than learning how to draw.

          Things to Consider Before Getting Into the “Get Paid to Draw” Program

          Robert Kiyosaki ‘s Cash Flow Quadrant

          Being able to draw for money makes it possible to have more money for the things you want. While you will probably never be able to make a full-time living from it (We are talking about the product/service ”

          While you will probably never be able to make a full-time living from it (We are talking about the product/service “Get Paid To Draw“), it can be great supplemental income.

          Whether you have always loved to draw and think you’re good at it or you want to promote your artistry for added money, this may be the money maker you were looking for.

          Remember here at BF we are teaching you ways to make semi to fully passive income streams that create financial freedom.

          In Robert Kiyosaki’s , Rich Dad Poor Dad, he teaches how you are more likely to find freedom by being on the right side of these quadrants.

          If you are going to get started with Get Paid to Draw, you have to think about why you want to get started in it:

          • Do you want to earn some extra money?
          • Are you good at drawing?
          • Can you draw anything that a client could ask for?
          • Are you looking to quit your day job?
          • How much time can you commit?

          If you want to be financially free, this isn’t what’s going to do it, but you can draw some cool designs for money.

          The bucks you make can help you save for a vacation, get out of some debt, and just buy some fun toys for the house.

          You know side money, like not exactly guaranteed but could be awesome.

          What Get Paid to Draw is All About

          get-paid-to-drawGet Paid to Draw provides you with a two-step way to get started making money. The cost is $74 and you get access to the “members area” as well as a step-by-step e-book and video tutorials. You will also get access to where places pay cash for artwork.

          It is very similar to many of the other “Get paid for life” programs out there. Whenever anything says “this story might sound crazy” like their website does, you probably want to stay away from it.

          They show stacks of hundred dollar bills, which is overpromising what you can expect.

          There’s even a “potential earnings calculator” where you select the amount of artwork you will submit weekly, how many times it will be purchased monthly and the average sale price; It is definitely over the top.

          First-year earnings, they claim, could be $80,000 or more.


          –              You could actually make a little pocket change

          –              You can use your talents

          –              It teaches you how to draw


          –              It costs to get started

          –              It’s not a career replacement

          –              You have to find the sites

          You have to do what’s right for you, so know the pros and cons before you spend the money on the program.

          Features & Benefits

          Get Paid to Draw shares an array of features and benefits to those who pay the money and get started on the site. If you decide to become a member, these are what will become accessible to you.

          If you decide to become a member, these are what will become accessible to you.

          Get Paid for Submitting Drawings

          Get Paid to Draw will help you to get paid for the drawings that you submit. The caveat to this is that people have to want to buy the drawings that you upload to the website.

          If your drawings aren’t very good or they aren’t what people are looking for, it can make it difficult to actually get paid for submitting the different drawings and photographs that you create.

          Have Artists Teach You How to Draw

          Get Paid to Draw will show you how you can become a better artist. There are

          There are real artists who will show you how to draw with better technique as well as show you how you can use your smartphone camera to take photos.

          This will provide you with more ways to create art so that you have more art to submit on the various websites. It can be a way to earn more money because of the artist techniques.


          Earn Residual Income

          Once you upload an image, you can continue to sell it. This will provide you with residual income because the work has already been done.

          According to Get Paid to Draw, it is not uncommon for images to be downloaded 4 times a month. This means that a single image could be sold four times a month, every month, for 12 months.

          If your drawings are popular this can add up to a lot of money, and while you’re earning money on that image, you would be earning on the various other images and artwork that you are uploading as well.

          Get Step by Step Instruction

          Step by step instruction is provided with an array of video tutorials.

          You don’t need any kind of professional experience to get started, so even if you are a basic internet user, you can figure out how to get started.

          The first step is to create your artwork. The second step is to upload the images. The third step is to get money, which is the final step in the process with Get Paid to Draw.

          Get Paid To Draw
          Steps in “Get Paid To Draw” Business Model

          Get Paid Daily

          Get Paid to Draw talks about how you can get paid daily if you have images on various sites. This way, you are constantly generating income because of having multiple sources.

          However, this is assuming that you will actually continue to sell images on a daily basis. This may be possible for some people and not for others.

          It can take a bit of time to get set up on multiple sites, and you may also need to have a lot of artwork out there to provide variety for people to choose from.

          60 Day Money Back Guarantee

          Get Paid to Draw has a 60-day money back guarantee in place. This means that if you pay for the program, you will be able to get a full refund after you have been trying to sell your artwork for a while.

          If you’re not happy with what they have been providing, you can contact them for the refund.

          money-back-guaranteeSocial Proof

          After searching the internet for reviews on Get Paid to Draw, there have been quite a few unsatisfied customers.

          This included one guy who commented on another review where they weren’t able to get their money back, even though the company states that they have a “30-day money back guarantee”.

          I haven’t experienced this or asked for one myself and I find it odd how he mentions a 30-day money back guarantee when the correct length is 60-days, but maybe this wasn’t the case back in summer of ’15.

          With all that said, while making your decision I think you should keep in mind that there are complaints like this out there.



          I want to go over some alternatives to Get Paid to Draw. This way you know what else is out there if you want to earn money for the art you create. It can be a great way to earn money, be your own boss, and control more of what happens with your art.


          fiverlogoThis doesn’t cost anything to get started.

          You can submit a “deal” and get paid $5 for what you do, and add other services to increase what you get paid for on the gigs.

          You can choose to create cartoons, take photos, make logos, and do various types of graphic design work.

          –              Free

          –              Create art to order

          –              Earn $5 or more


          artpal_shareWith no cost to get started, you receive between 95% and 100% of what your art is sold for.

          You can sell any type of art, and you load what you create onto the website for people to view.

          The earnings continue for as long as you keep your art listed on the website.

          –              Free

          –              Load your art

          –              Earn immediately

          Wealthy Affiliate

          Wealthy Affiliate Logo 130There’s no cost to get started and you create a website that focuses on drawing (or any other topic).

          You can write about drawing, sell your own drawings, sell affiliate products related to drawings and wealthy affiliate teaches you how to create passive income streams with this content.

          You can continue to earn and increase earnings as your audience increases.

          –              Free and easy to get started

          –              Long term business

          –              Unlimited earnings

          There are quite a few options out there and they may be better for you than Get Paid to Draw simply because of what you want to get out of the program. Check out the different options to see which one is right for you!


          In the end, Get Paid to Draw is not the best fit if you’re looking to get started earning money without any kind of initial investment.

          It costs quite a bit to start and there are add-ons, costing you even more.  I would say if you need to learn how to draw, then the cost would be more favorable but not if you are already experienced and ready to make money.

          If you are already an experienced artist or you think you are ready for freelance, then art pal is a clear winner because you can make right away and not have to pay out.

          My ultimate advice is you join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to create an online business in the drawing niche.  With the help from the massive community and action-based curriculum Wealthy Affiliate can get you started in affiliate marketing today.


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          Hi! Todd here, I love making money online and decided to make this blog so I can help show others how making money online, becoming your own boss, and becoming financial freedom can be a reality.

          4 thoughts on “Is Get Paid To Draw a Scam?

          • October 25, 2016 at 7:18 pm

            I have never heard of this site before. It’s to bad you have to pay to join, but you might be able to make that money back eventually. I can see this being a nice hobby for people who like to draw, and it would be good knowing you may be earning money from your art work. But it sounds hard to get your work noticed and figure out what it is people are looking for.

            • October 25, 2016 at 10:27 pm

              Yes exactly, I don’t recommend this other than for the hobbyist artist who is only putting their art up in a few hopes to make money on the side.

              This is not suited for a full on launch of an independent business. This is site is very similar to it’s sister products like They have low chance of ROI but aren’t exactly a scam. It’s a matter of how much are you really needing to make?

          • October 26, 2016 at 1:01 am

            thanks Margy. Its been a great journey and i plan to share evrythibg I learn

          • June 6, 2017 at 5:54 am

            Interesting product, I would have tried it out if the cost was a bit lower. Seems like a suitable product if you are willing to look past some of the income claims. One thing I don’t like is the exaggerated income claims, if many business opportunities could just turn down some of the ridiculous claims, maybe there won’t as many complaints.


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