Is Get Cash For Surveys A Scam? [Unbiased Review]

Get Paid For Surveys

Get Paid For Surveys

Make Money









          • Can actually make money
          • Not A Scam
          • Easy Money
          • 60 day money back guarantee


          • Pay to play system (upfront cost to take surveys)
          • Can be boring when surveying topics outside of personal interest


          I had just graduated college and had massive debt; I managed to get me a job while I shared an apartment with a friend.

          The job was good but I needed something else, I know this is a statement you might hear often, but for me, it was the stress of paying the bills while wanting to have more control of my time and to experience the freedoms that come with being my own boss.

          I wish I knew about Get Cash For Surveys offers on the internet then because it would have helped me earning cash on the side at my convenience.

          Things to keep in mind before you join:

          dont-quit-1564409_640Survey sites are a quick and easy alternative for people looking to make some quick money on the side along with their regular jobs.

          They pay you a good amount and take just a little bit of you time which is great for you if you have some free time.

          But you should keep in mind that this would only be short term and something on the side, not your main source of earning. Granted they pay money but it’s not enough for you to quit your job and live solely on taking surveys.

          However, before you begin you might want to ask yourself that do you have a stable source of income?

          Do you have some free time?

          Do you need money urgently or are you patient enough to wait a little bit?

          What is Get Cash For Surveys:

          get-cash-for-surveys review
          Just so you know.. I don’t actually recommend this for becoming financially free. More suited for a bored experiment.

          Get Cash For Surveys is one of my go-to sites when I want some extra cash on the side, it just requires a one-time membership after which you can start taking surveys and start earning.

          You just pay once for the membership after which you don’t owe anything which is much more convenient as compared to giving up a certain portion of your earnings on each survey taken.

          Depending on how much a survey is worth, you can earn up to $52,000 which can be sent to you either as a cheque or through Paypal, as compared to Swagbucks which is one of the most popular survey sites out there but you get paid in gift cards and not cash.

          As mentioned before, Get Cash For Surveys is an easy way to earn money if you have a main income source and you love to take surveys, but it is NOT for you if you’re looking for a substantial business model, looking to get rich quickly or if you want to make a lot of money.


          ■ Can actually make money

          ■ Not A Scam

          ■ Easy money

          ■ 60 day money back guarantee


          ■ Spam mail

          ■ Won’t have a substantial business

          ■ Pay to play system (upfront cost to take surveys)

          ■ Can be boring when surveying topics outside of personal interest


          Let’s get into detail:

          Although I gave you the gist of what you will get with Get Cash For Surveys, allow me to describe the features in detail.

          Let’s start with the promise that it offers that you can earn a lot of money, the truth is that it happens in special cases only.

          For one, you need to get a steady supply of surveys every day which is not possible because there may be times when there aren’t any surveys available and you’d have to wait for new ones to show up.

          Though Get Cash For Surveys is kind of a hub from where you can choose available surveys to do, there’s still the issue of if you even qualify to take the survey. So simply put there might not be surveys available at all times.

          Suppose you do find surveys that you can do, there’s no guarantee that they will be paying surveys because, in the end, Get Cash For Surveys and every other survey site is a marketplace, a hub, where you can find surveys to take.

          It is now up to the company who wants the survey done if they want to give the option to pay the people who complete those surveys. Here is a video explaining further.


          Now let’s talk about the sign-up fee or the membership fee.

          It is convenient in a sense that you just pay it once and then you get to do surveys as compared to other survey sites where you give a portion of your earnings on each survey taken.

          The matter is that you have to pay first to join, which can be a problem if you are facing financial problems, and furthermore the first few surveys that you will do will be towards earning the amount you invested back.

          60 Day Gaurantee

          Though one feature that Get Cash For Surveys has that I like is the 60 day money back guarantee, meaning you have nothing to lose.

          Say that you sign up for it and after a little while you decide that it is not for you and you would like to put your efforts elsewhere, you can ask for the money you paid for the membership back, and you will have it within 48 hours.

          Another thing about surveys that you should always keep in mind is that they are good at killing time, and that’s it.Sure you get paid for taking them but they’re not a reliable business, do NOT stake your life on them and the promises to earn thousands in a week or so.

          Like I said before that IF you get a certain numbers of surveys everyday, which chances are you will not. All you can do from these is to get some side spending money, and that’s IF you have free time to begin with.

          Plus there is also the issue of spam mail because survey sites forward your information to other sites that forward you different offers and the like.

          Well, technically they’re not spam because mostly its newsletters if they’re not surveys, but unless you’d like to read each and every one of them, they’re nothing more than junk mail.

          So even if you do have an earning source which pays adequately, have free time and get a decent supply of surveys; you still have to tolerate and inbox filled with junk mail. Here is a video that explains some more

          What do people think:

          In order to make it easier for you to make a decision, I’ve scoured the internet for reviews of Get Cash For Surveys so you can have a better understanding of what people generally think about this site.

          I’ve found that people don’t like the feature of paying to take a survey and they generally don’t take a liking to the rates that they are offering, and that income potential is very little.

          However, some people like it; general perception remains, despite the criticism it faces, that it is in fact legitimate.


           I’ve found that there are 3 top alternatives for Get Cash For Surveys in the market that are highly rated among the people who try them and reviewers.


          swagbucks_logo_0One of the most well known online marketing and survey research companies which rose to popularity through social media, cash and mostly gift cards are offered in rewards.

          Its one of the most transparent systems out there that value your information privacy and tell you where its going to be sent.

          The system might be difficult to understand as the rewards are purchased through “swagbucks” and then converted into rewards.

          tolunaThe second most popular survey site, and the best thing about it is that its easily accessibility on all devices.

          However the payment system is a little confusing because you would have to get reward points for completing a survey and then convert those reward points into an e-certificate.

          According to the current rates 90,000 reward points get you a $30 PayPal e-certificate.

          wealthy-affiliateNot exactly a survey site but it offers affiliate marketing which is better.

          For once it doesn’t require you to spend anything to join, anybody can join for free however premium features are not free but you can look at them before you buy.

          It doesn’t guarantee overnight success which is a good thing because most of those offers are scams.

          But what I liked about them the most is that they offer to train you or at the very least give you a little bit of heads up of what your getting before you get into it. This is something that can be long term; however I still would recommend not quitting your job to do this. I have a whole article on this cash generation business model here.



          So what do we conclude from all this information that I have given you over the course of this article.

          Basically the thing that I have been repeating time and again, that although legitimate survey sites give you money to take surveys, the fact is that the money earned is not enough to sustain you financially for a long period of time.

          Do not get into this if you need money quickly because of the low volume of payments will take time to build up.

          It is a short term project that is good for some side warning and that’s if you have the time and patience to go through the experience. Think of it like a hobby.

          Although, if you have a solid income generation already, some free time and patience then it is great for you. You’ll get to learn things and after all, surveys are a form of market research done by big companies so your opinion matters.

          However, if you’re looking for something long term, stable with great business returns, then you should look elsewhere such as blogging, affiliate marketing and website flipping and other such ventures. Hope this information has helped you, good luck.

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