Is Appcoiner A Scam?


Make Money









          • All You Need Is A Phone
          • No Limit To How Reviews
          • Weekly Payments
          • 100% Refund in 60 Days


          • Your Not Really Getting Paid To TEST apps
          • Sketching Marketing Tatics
          • A lot of complaints
          • Not a lot of clear training

          Are you searching the web right now looking to find a real review?

          Look no further.

          I am going to break this review down short and sweet! What they say they are and then I reveal what they really are.

          What AppCoiner Claims To Be

 is a website that offers people the opportunity to test the latest apps on the android and iPhone market. Basically what they claim is that you can become a tester at and for every app that you test you leave a review about it and then…

          CHA-CHING! You get paid.

          Wow! It sounds so easy. This is the life getting paid to play apps from my phone while sippin’ margaritas I can see it already. That’s, of course, the initial thought of anyone online looking to  find some quick cash. Well, let me tell ya, in my experience “fast cash” is usually false cash. Boy, check out this chart, though!


          From the looks of it here you can really rack in the dough! Although, not everything is exactly how it sounds in advertisements.

          What AppCoiner Actually Is

          You see what AppCoiner actually does is they show you an app, you choose to download it and try it out. After you test it out you write a review that posts to a website that they give you for free. This website, which you never really wanted, to begin with, was never mentioned before you paid the $27; in fact, they completely fail to mention that how you get paid is through the monetization of this website.

          That’s right they set you up with their own twist on Affiliate Marketing Review sites.  While this may make you some potential money it’s just not a whole lot of the work that is completed and it is most certainly not the same as what is reflected in the chart above.


          Sure you could potentially make money on appcoiner, although I got bored before I did, it probably won’t be substantial enough to generate enough income to replace any jobs. I place this type of making money from home or online as the side money gigs. They may make you a few bucks but never anything that’s going to make you any “REAL MONEY.”

          Therefore any hopes of becoming financially free I wouldn’t suggest this route, maybe find you path to free apps, haha, but that is about it.

          Remember I am here to discuss and point you in the right direction when trying to learn about making money online to become financially free. The best way I know how to do that is the amazing Affiliate Marketing Model, it is a proven way to make money by creating a REAL online business that becomes a passive income generating machine.


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          Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback below. I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have as well.





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