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            • Great Community Support 24/7/365
            • State-of-the-art in-house hosting platform
            • Video training, Step-by-step Tutorials and Courses
            • No Credit Card Needed
            • All levels of training – Beginner and Advanced


            • If you don't use the support it may be info overload
            • The website's UI could be improved to help newcomers navigate
            • You have to upgrade to premium to get full support.

            wa-logoMy Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review!

            I bet you are here because you are curious about this program online that teaches who how to make money… online.

            I’m sure you may have searched “Wealthy Affiliate Review” somewhere to learn more about it. Good job… you came to the right place.

            I know what you may be wondering…

            Is Wealthy Affiliate the place that can finally help me make money online? Is it just another Get-Rich-Quick Scam that we see “affiliated” with affiliate marketing?

            I know why you are wondering about this because not so long ago I was in the same place you were now. Looking for help, researching  the best ways to make money online. I looked everywhere in the google listings trying to find out if it was worth my time signing up.will be answered here

            Look no further my new friend. All your answers will be answered here in my thorough analysis of Wealthy Affiliate.

            But wait…thorough… can we just cut to the chase bro? Well, there is that pretty nifty box below where I do just that if you want to know my experience with WA and then some finer details read the entire review after the box.

            The Final Verdict : Legit Program!



            Let me get straight to the point and tell you that I believe, Wealthy Affiliate to be the best darn resource on the web for you to get jump started into learning the skills and tools that you need to make money online. I have yet come across any program or product that has truly helped more people get their foot into the world of online marketing and business.  After personal experience and thorough evaluation, I can say with 100% confidence that Wealthy Affiliates is finally the real deal learning solution for people who want to make money on the internet.


            Scam Evaluation…

            How do you evaluate whether or not a “make mone online” program isn’t a fake? Here is a simple checklist of the things you  should look for to validate a product or services creditability. Wealthy Affiliate excels in each bullet point.

            • DIDN’T guarantee overnight  success and or a “Get-Rich-Quick” Scheme
            • DIDN’T require a credit card to sign up or start the free features.
            • DIDN’T have a video only sales screen. You can view the entire product for free before you make any premium upgrades.
            • DIDN’T make any promises to get you into fancy cars and in luxurious homes withing weeks.

            Further evidence and perks of a trustworthy quality program…

            • Offers a community of 10,000’s of affiliate marketers of all levels of skill and experience.
            • Offers state-of-the-art web hosting platform with 2 free websites
            • Offers 2 free course to get you jump started and an honest feel of the program before you decide to subscribe.
            • The owners actually reach out to you along with veterans who have made this formula work for them.

            Hmmm, those for points sound familiar, how about you read some more about that below…

            My Personal Experience

            From website nerd… to pizza tosser… to my own boss!

            My journey to affiliate marketing and making money online is an interesting one. I started making websites when I was 11 years old  (2001).

            It has been a hobby of mine since the as far back as I can remember. I ran several Harry Potter hobby sites and then eventually ran a blog for some years in the American independent reggae music scene. I always dreamed of only having to work on my hobby sites aka

            I always dreamed of only having to work on my hobby sites aka NICHE sites, and waking up to work on my sites on my own terms. Working in the field that we love is the real dream right!

            Financial Freedom, that’s why we are here. After failed Google AdSense campaigns and other monetizing attempts I decided to throw in the hat and go back to a “REAL JOB.”

            Back to the restaurant industry…

            If there is one thing I know other than making money online its the 10670274_10152685086019834_4738204609372901877_nrestaurant industry. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry 80% of my income-generating years of life.

            When I gave up on my internet dreams I went back to working 10-10, 60 hrs a week as a manager. But of course, as time rolled on and I climbed the corporate ladder, I remembered why I hated going to work so much.

            It was killing my vibes dealing with the stress of other people’s negativity and I knew I was on the wrong path.

            I had to go back to my true calling.

            The internet has always been my true destined highway to financial freedom!

            So here we go once again, I was on the search for the answers, except this time I decided to dig a bit deeper into the concept of the affiliate marketing model  and this is what lead me to Wealthy Affiliate. I struck gold!

            Wait…Wait…Wait…What is Affiliate Marketing?

            Well affiliate marketing can be shown in 4 basic steps. It’s simple it just takes hard work and dedication. Here is the process that Wealthy Affiliate teaches you, well in a nutshell.

            Affiliate Marketing

            What Happened When I Signed Up?

            So I when I signed up with wealthy affiliate I completed my first task which was creating my profile in the community.

            After that with no time to spare, I was trying to get my bang for my buck and didn’t want to risk sparing time getting to the money! Determination.

            I Immediately made my way into the curriculum by deciding to jump into wealthy affiliate’s FREE curriculum; which included Level One of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate” and then Level One of the “Affiliate Bootcamp Training”    Here is a snapshot of what was covered.

            Online Entrepreneur Certificate – Level One

            • How To Build A WordPress Website
            • How To Find Your Niche
            • What Is Affiliate Marketing
            • How To Interact With Wealthy Affiliate’s Community & Support System
            • How To Begin To Write Great SEO Friendly Content For Your Blog
            • Using Keyword Research To Identify Blog Topics Within Your Niche

            Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Level One

            • How To Build A WordPress Website
            • Laying Down The Foundations Of An SEO Friendly Site Authority Site
            • Ways To Monetize Your Blog
            • How To Interact With Wealthy Affiliate’s Community  & Support System
            • How To Begin To Write Great SEO Friendly Content For Your Blog
            • Keyword Research
            • The Power of Links and SEO

            And it’s not just a bunch of boring reading! It’s set up as a task-based, hands-on training….

            Why Task-Based Learning Is Effective.

            One of my favorite things about the courses is that they are in the style of tasked-based learning.

            Task-based learning is my preferred method of learning because you get to really get to learn through doing it.

            Their courses walk you through creating a website, where you go task-by-task taking what you learn in the daily lessons and applying it to your real live functioning website.

            But that’s not what got me hooked…

            How The Community Won Me Over.

            I mean when you really sit down and look at it, Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent platform that isn’t a scam but a real thriving and growing online curriculum that is training 10,000’s of people who are succeeding in the affiliate marketing field.

            The Community is what sealed the deal. What makes Wealthy Affiliate Excell in support?

            • The owners of the program actually talk to members and  are the to encourage/coach you along the way.
            • The members are eager to help give feedback and offer their own tutorials
            • Comments sections everywhere, they are active every day on every page
            • Members who have been there for years, and they are real live people that you can talk to.
            • People are there to show real examples of their success.


            What To Do When You Finish The Free Training

            I saw that I was being offered a 59% discount on the first month if I decided to buy the Premium membership before a countdown timer reached zero. In fact, since I got in, I was given 7 days — not minutes, or hours -– to decide; this was nothing like those “act right now or you’ll never see this again” pressure marketing strategy.

            In fact, since I got in, I was given 7 days — not minutes, or hours -– to decide; this was nothing like those “act right now or you’ll never see this again” pressure marketing strategy.

            I was quick to finish the free training and wanted to learn so much more. The foundations were set and I knew that the people behind and within Wealthy Affiliate truly can help me to the path that I kept looking for to reach financial freedom. The coolest thing was I noticed throughout the first 7 days of being a member they offered a 59% discount on the first month.

            The coolest thing was I noticed throughout the first 7 days of being a member they offered a 59% discount on the first month.

            It was a crazy deal and hey I can try a few more weeks on these courses and really see if this is for me. Ever since then I’ve never turned back!

            Premium Access Granted…

            Being a PREMIUM member at Wealthy Affiliates you do get access to weekly 1 hr video webinars, tons of more courses and classrooms, 100s hours of video training, premium level hosting with the state of the art SiteRubix hosting platform, 50 websites, domain names, and so much more. To see the full breakdown check out the comparison box.
            Check out my profile on Wealthy Affiliate Here.

            The Details…

            What is Wealthy Affiliate?

            Wealthy Affiliates is an online training program that teaches you how to make money online. But this isn’t your average online school or curriculum it is a huge community of people from all over the world who are actively learning while earning money online.  You can learn easily here as well.

            It’s how I got started.

            Who Created Wealthy Affiliate?

            Kayle & Carson, who are leaders in the online marketing  industry, opened Wealthy Affiliates in 2005 which provided online courses and certification in making money online through affiliate marketing and more.

            The success of the program can be attributed to their involvement and development of the active community of learners who evolve with the industry. They actually talk to you and help you! Now 11 years later 10,000’s of people are in the WA community!

            With that said, as people grow and graduate the courses and become successful they stick around and help the newbies out just because they love what they do.

            Who Are Wealthy Affiliate Members?

            Members of WA are people from all kinds of backgrounds. From the experienced affiliates to the newbies just starting. That is one of the best things about it. You can network like crazy. Again the support is incomparable.

            People who join wealthy affiliates are all walks of life. Here are some examples: College students, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, people just looking for supplemental income,

            • College students
            • Stay At Home Moms/Dads,
            • Entrepreneurs, people just looking for supplemental income
            • Bloggers who want to monetize their blog
            • People looking to escape the 9-5 stranglehold
            • People who want to become financially free
            • Travelers working from a laptop
            • People who want to work from home
            • People who have ben making money in the industry for years

            Support Offered

            The support is unmatched. The owners actually communicate with the members. The people who have been done with the program and are successfully making money online are still there helping people along the way. The graduates produce tutorials amongst other content. A quick overview of the support is here:

            • Live Chatroom always has people only a minute or two away from helping
            • Extensive comments throughout the entire site and support within the lessons.
            • Message the creators or top ranked members for support.
            • Nonstop WordPress hosting support

            Total Cost/Payment Breakdown

            The Final Evaluation

            All in all, I hope that after reading all of that delicious information you now realize why Wealthy Affiliates is my #1 Recommendation. It is a real product that isn’t some scam promising you to get rich overnight.

            It teaches you how to actually build a successful online business over time through dedication and hard work. They have a long-term community that shows PROOF their success and their success adds to the authenticity of Wealthy Affiliates.

            Let me give you 3 reasons why this is a win-win, no brainer, solution.

            1. You get 2 Free SiteRubix (State-Of-The-Art Hosting) Websites that you can shape into businesses.
            2. I’ll be there active and ready to help you anywhere along the way. That’s your own personal tutor.
            3. It’s 100%  no-strings-attached, as real as empty pockets….. FREE. You …. can… not… lose.

            In all my years on the web, I have never seen or participated in such a great community. I encourage you to sign up right now.


            Thanks for reading my review on Wealthy Affiliates. This review took me a lot of time to prepare, please leave any questions, concerns, or comment about my review or your Wealthy Affiliates experience below. Also, check out my profile on Wealthy Affiliate.


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            Hi! Todd here, I love making money online and decided to make this blog so I can help show others how making money online, becoming your own boss, and becoming financial freedom can be a reality.

            7 thoughts on “Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

            • August 20, 2016 at 11:19 am

              There are a lot of programs on the Internet to choose from but ultimately having one such as Wealthy Affiliate that allows you to have two free websites is second to none.

              Most other programs have many hidden catches or upsell where with Wealthy Affiliate you get full access for 7-days that you can check everything out and see just what they are all about.

              Great information and a system well worth taking a look at.

              • August 20, 2016 at 4:24 pm

                Thank you kindly for you words Travis! Wealthy Affiliate has no doubt been the missing link in my formula for many years. We should definitely meet up on WA and keep in touch. I would love to see some of your blogs and sites.

            • August 22, 2016 at 3:49 am

              I found it great that you did an Honest Review and people tend to trust them more. It’s great that you also pointed out the cons, which make people trust the pros more. I completely agree with you on your review on Wealthy Affiliate and it’s a great alternative to a 9-5 job.

              • August 22, 2016 at 3:56 am

                Thanks honesty is an important virtue I hold in life, it is bound to our word and our word reflects a lot on our character. Cheers

            • October 30, 2016 at 10:33 am

              Without this platform I would be still floating the scam seas online! The fantastic part is that unlike every other “make money online” program out there, Wealthy Affiliate actually includes everything you need to create a successful business online – the support is second to none! How long have you been a member for and how is it going for you so far?

              • October 30, 2016 at 11:37 am

                i have been a member since August and it has been excellent. I have learned so much so far and haven’t made it through all the training and resources yet.

            • December 8, 2016 at 12:46 am

              Wealthy affiliate seems like a very reputable program. Members seem to be very active which is always a good thing. I have always wanted to start an online business, but have always been worried about scams. Wealthy seems more about helping members learn how to build an online business rather than promise riches. Great Info! Thanks!


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