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Hey, everyone, my name is Todd and if you are like me you strive to live life as free as it can get!

In today’s world freedom is something that most people are familiar with as many of the world live in democracies with several “Freedoms”. 

Being a citizen of a modern democracy, I have the freedom to get a job and work to make money in many different ways, but …

I Want True Freedom!!

Of course, I live in a free country but I can’t help but feel stuck!

Feeling stuck because you don’t make enough money to live and do what you please isn’t the life I want to live!

I want to travel and see the world. I want to choose what time I wake up for work and what it was that I want to do for work that day.

But unfortunately, I just ain’t there yet….

Working the average life…

Most of my life I’ve chosen to work in a job where I work a 40-60 hour week. Sometimes I have even held multiple jobs just to make ends meet.

Driving from job to job and changing clothes in my car like superman in the phone booth. 

With long days and short nights, I was always exhausted trying to make enough money to pay my bills and not be financially stressed.

You know the same old story, working paycheck to paycheck, and dreaming about going on vacation.

Where does it all end?

I frequently asked myself this, “How can I become financially free like so many other people do in the world? Where do I start? Can I really do it, or is it only for people who already have money to invest? “

Although, no matter what, I always knew that one day I would own my own business and be in control of my life because of the fire of ambition that will always burn inside of me and there will never be a chance for that to be extinguished. 

But it was getting out of control, I was just thinking about it, but not doing it. 

That got me nowhere fast!

But when I learned about how to be successful, I realized you can plan, plan, plan, and dream, dream, dream, but your not going to get anywhere until you TAKE ACTION.

So I did.

Taking Action…

I Dollar-signpersonally have been making websites as a hobby for 15 years. Mostly fan sites growing up in relation to my favorite hobbies. It all started with

It all started with Harry Potter believe it or not, then onto reggae music and concerts, now I write about helping people learn how to make money online.

But I didn’t always make money online.

It wasn’t until I decided I wanted to be my own boss and started learning about making money online.

This is where  my journey to freedom begins and the story of my life manifesting into the “American Dream.”


Living the American Dream.

The “American Dream” is to be an entrepreneur and therefore be your own boss. I’d extend that and say being your own boss is the dream of most people in the world.

Why? Well, it is  Becoming Freedom.

When you are your own boss you begin to have financial freedom which leads you to the freedom to travel as you please, eat as you please, and overall do what you please.

You want know what freedom you have right now?

You have the freedom to choose whether want to work for a low restricted wage for the rest of your life or to become in control of your money by building your own streams of income.

With that, you can be in control of what you do throughout your day.

When you are your own boss you can begin to have financial freedom which leads you to the freedom to travel as you please, eat what as you please, and overall do what you please.

Isn’t that what we all desire?

Finally The Freedom To Travel! Me in the Black Mountains, NC

When I made the decision to take action, I took my web development hobby and combined it with great online money making techniques that I learned through online training.

Now I am here to help guide you and provide you with great information and resources to guide you along your path to Becoming Freedom!

Thanks for visiting,


By the way, if you have any questions about anything please feel free to comment below and I will gladly help. Thanks!


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