5 Sizzling Tips On How To Keep Your Readers Attention

Are you stuck and can’t figure out why people aren’t reading your articles?

And Why do so many people dread having to write their articles?

I’d say mostly because they feel like it seems to be too much work and they don’t want to deal with feeling as if their time was wasted, all because no one has read what they wrote.

And Why do so many people dread having to write their articles? I’d say mostly because they feel like it seems to be too much work and they don’t want to deal with feeling as if their time was wasted, all because no one has read what they wrote.

Skerrrt! Reality check. Guess what, readers sometimes feel as it reading an article is HARD WORK too.

They usually bounce out of there right away because they found the article:

a) Too boring and very bland.
b) Read like the essays they were forced to write in high school
c) Doesn’t really help them with what they were looking for
d) To be a page full of big blocks of text and no eye candy… Where’s the eye candy!

Can't figure out that quality article?
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Hopefully, they didn’t think all of the above.

Don’t worry though we have all been there. At least, I know I have, but if so don’t worry because the solutions are below.

You spend all this time researching the topic, planning the logical flow of the article, and write it; then you enter your keywords into your SEO plugin widget on WordPress, publish, and wait.

But that’s a typical blogger error, which we all have done. Why?
Well, while I am sure that what you wrote was packed with excellent, juicy information that is probably very beneficial to your niche, I still wonder…

How did it look?

The secret to readability and getting someone to read your entire article has a lot to do with the presentation of your writing in addition to the depth and quality of the content.

So when we are speaking about “quality content” we are talking about a few things more than just the information it relays, we are talking about the way you visually layout your information.

Take a second and tell me this, how does reading the lines above compare to reading it again like this:

…You spend all this time researching the topic, planning the logical flow of the Article; you do some basic guesswork SEO with a plugin on WordPress, publish and wait. Typical blogger error! I am sure what you wrote had excellent juicy information that would probably be very beneficial to your niche. But…How did it look? The secret has a lot to do with the presentation of your writing as well as the depth and quality of the content…

Idk about you but I bet that you would agree reading it the first time was much easier and enjoyable.
I can’t wait to run into my grade school teacher again so I can be like, “BOO-YAH! How you like me now!”

Of course, then you have to mindful of not providing fluffy content with no actual benefit. Most people do this when they get into writing about a topic that they aren’t actually interested in.

600px-blank_stop_sign_octagon-svgWhy is being interested an important foundation in writing readable content?

Well, the readers can tell that you’re not interested so why should they be?

This is why it is important that when you are picking the niche that your online business falls in, you should actually have some interest in it.

The whole point of owning your own online business is to do something that you enjoy and provides you the freedom that your desires are so focused on.

So take my word and save yourself some headaches, pick a niche that you enjoy so you can write thousands upon thousands of words that you will enjoy to research about as well.

How else can you input great creative edges to your content if you’re not excited about writing about it?

Although I kind of gave you the first one in a nutshell, here are 5 Tips that are bound to keep your readers around a lot longer than they were.

These tips will vastly improve your articles readability and lower your bounce rates.

1) Use shorter paragraphs

Like I showed in my example earlier, readers get scared away when they see long paragraphs. They look at the words and see these big paragraphs and are like man, “I don’t got time for that!”

Especially on the tiny mobile screens that many users are using to browse the internet these days.

So let’s just drop what our English teacher said about keeping all your 4-5 sentence paragraphs. We will reduce them down to single sentences and even short phrases or words.

This is a new ballpark ladies and gentleman and the rules have changed.

2) Make use of numbers or bullets.

Okay if you have been analyzing my post as you have been reading it you may notice a pattern here.

Using these list will help to quickly make a point and highlight what you are trying to say in a very digestible way because it’s easy on the eyes as well as on the mind.

Be sure to indent accordingly to visually separate and organize the content and always give your content a little bit of flair to your articles shape.


3) Sub-Headings are a must!

Your sub-headings divide the paragraphs in the page and help break points apart.

During listicles (like this one) your list items are your sub headings, but you should also organize any content before and after the list if is of good length.

Can’t you see the benefits of this?

Besides that, these sub-headings can potentially naturally attract more SEO keywords. Be sure to use HTML heading tags to give them the bold appearance. Google likes that.


4) Use a title that grabs interest right off bat.

This is great for social sharing and grabbing initial attention. Obviously, a great title will entice curiosity so you are already that much closer to getting a person to read your article.

Also, you want to use keywords that people are searching for information so the search engines can direct them to you.

You want to be short and precise but really highlight what the context of the content is about.

These are a few different types of titles that are effective:

  • Informational Titles – Helps people learn something or solve a problem
    • “How to stop diarrhea”
    • “10 tips on starting your online business”
  • Commanding Titles – A take action approach that touches emotions and stimulates interest
    • “Get you ex to finally text you back”
    •  “Make your peers respect you in five easy steps”\
  • Buying Process Titles – Captures audiences in the buying process that help convert into buyers
    • “ Top 10 wake boards in 2016”
    • “Best Toaster Ovens For Making Pizza”


5) Keep them interested from the start to the finish.

Inject your personality into your writing and use your actual voice. Don’t come across as we or some big company (unless you are one) and don’t sound all, dry and borrring! Break – The – Rules!

Your writer’s voice has to be engaging.

Wouldn’t you agree that asking questions stops and makes a person think?

See what I just did there.

Use real life examples that help people relate to what you are saying because you can passionately paint the picture in their minds. Speaking of painting pictures in minds, this is where the importance of using similes and metaphors to really drive the point.

Why would you want to just regurgitate dry information like my 10th-grade high school chemistry teacher did? I swear there was a reason I didn’t pass that class. He could never keep my attention.


We won’t settle for that anymore now that we realize that although the computer that we are entering this information into is a machine, the audience who is it is reading our words are organic and alive; that said our words need to be as alive as the eyes that are reading them.

So Basically…

To capture your audience and get them to read your article you need to remember to engage with your audience and that they are real people whom you can relate to in some way.

Connect with them using questions and stories that people can relate to and keep their attention on the topic at hand.
Make sure to organize the content with white space, list, indentations, bold, underlines, and headings in order to create content that is easier to read.

I know you got this now so what are you waiting for? Get over to your blog and write a new article that is readable and post it! You can learn more about this topic and put in into practice through the Wealthy Affiliate Course that brings you through an action based step-by-step process to building your blog from the ground up with readable content within 7 days! (So long as you discipline yourself).

You can read my #1 Recommendation review here about how I learned everything I needed to get started with my online business blog.


If you have anything to add to the discussion or questions that you would like answered please feel free to comment below. Thanks a lot for reading!

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